GEDAY GROUP OF BRAZIL INTERNATIONAL, was founded on July 4, 2016, in the city of Alvorada of Sul in North Old of Paraná/Brazil in a modest property with a small commercial space provided by the owner and entrepreneur founder, Emilio Sérgio Dias, of 15m. Decided and guided by the striking principle of overcoming by the persistent, optimistic and dynamic impulse, to set up an international company with a global digital platform to offer biotechnological inputs, products, goods and services for all areas and segments of commerce, industry, agriculture, livestock, mining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, sanitation, consulting, import and export, research and multi-business. The company values and maintains respect and responsibility towards customers and employees and not just the search for profitability, our motto is the courage to take risks and change in the face of difficult economic conditions, which are opportunities to measure, apply compliance and keep the company with its strength at work and always innovating in business. Geday do Brasil Internacional offers security, transparency and commitment to high quality products, goods and services, guarantees, confidentiality and reliability to customers, linked to the strong conduct of relationship values to professional ethics, with success for the commitment to business development with a healthy and sustainable future.

Bioeconat-ES01: Input, Raw material Yeast powder


We have a very important mission in promoting and integrating our multisectoral activities with innovation of our products services in meeting the demands of raw materials and basic industrial and biotechnological inputs, with assistance to companies in Brazil, abroad and, in particular, offer and develop through protocols for innovative and limitless technological research for Brazilian and resident companies installed in the Technological Park of São José dos Campos-SP.

It is like a food source that makes conversion of lactic acid, CO2, water and energy, produce new cells, also according to our recipe and guidance digests fetid organic matter and kills other bacteria that produce bacteria-laden sulfurous and nitrogenous odors such as, for example, coliforms (Salmonellas spp. & Escherichia coli), which cause serious illnesses.

Raw material Agricultural, Aquaculture, Urban and Industrial Decontamination.

Precious stones

Sale of precious stones of all kinds already stoned.

Product Platform

Inputs, Raw materials, Drinks for human consumption.


Raw Material Brand Bioeconat-ES01

It is a coadjuvante technological product imported and unprecedented in Brazil, composed in a mixture of biological yeast based on rice bran with carbohydrates, proteins and extracts of natural yeasts; have characteristics of a solid cocktail, powder lyophilized, dry, brownish color, aroma odor of 100% natural rice bran …

Gemstones and Gems of Brazil

The aquamarine is a stone of the beryl family, which is named after its color that resembles sea water. Currently, the most popular and therefore valuable colors of this stone are its clearer versions. Currently, 90% of the world’s marine aquarium is mined in Brazil, but this stone can also be found in small quantities …

Food Products

Group Geday offers our clients the purchase and sale of goods of natural and processed organic and processed foods and beverages, all of them with the operation of the faculty of being imported or of Brazilian origin that are directly linked to the harvest and demand of the market as well as health protection of …

BIOECONAT-ES01 Urban Cleaning

Cleaning and decontamination of public roads such as sidewalks and squares, reducing odors and diseases caused by contact with animal waste. Proven Efficacy in Removing Odors from Pigeon Stools and other animals. Used by the City Hall of Londrina Paraná, in the square Sete de Setembro in the Center of the city.


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ZIP: 12247-016

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