Geday Group of Brazil International.

GEDAY DO BRASIL INTERNACIONAL was founded in 2016 in the city of Alvorada do Sul by Mr. EMILIO SERGIO DIAS and its main mission is to offer products, goods and services of national and international quality with modern or innovative technologies, offer alternatives to seek and be the first in solutions to customers and consumers, listening and solving their problems first in every way with our talent team in any areas of segments.


Grupo Geday do Brasil Internacional is a multi-company company that moves companies, people, products, goods and services, with potential through technical capacity, experience of acting in various segments, our workforce is intelligence, content of contribute to actions to promote the common good, we act as importer and exporter, logistics operator, distributor, manufacturer of products and raw materials or raw material for use and application in the area of ​​animal feed, human, sanitizers, biochemical, , agriculture and livestock, mining, environment and sanitation.

Our products, goods and services are designed, manufactured or ordered according to the requests of customers and, especially, those who seek quality, well-being and safety. Our development and growth strategy is the highest technology that, for companies and demanding people like you, we are always in search of new business and with the best prices.

The provision of the best services to our clients is what moves us to know more about our line of business, contact us through the form of our communication channel or by telephone.

Our mission is to promote a healthy, socioeconomic and institutional relations favorable to the innovations to sustainable development and biotechnologies in Brazil and in the World.

Our vision is to be recognized as a leading company that disseminates technologies and knowledge, research and develop partnerships with initiatives for the agro-industrial and bio-sanitary biotechnology sector.

We value our professionals and innovation based on ethics, responsibility, dedication, transparency and commitment to the preservation of the environment, human, animal and plant health through sustainable values.


The Geday Group of Brazil International has been making strategic alliances with companies and research institutions in other countries, in recent years the relationship of understanding for new business and cooperation, has produced encouraging results in the advancement of the technology sector and, for future deployment of Strategic Business Offices in other linked countries in the biotechnology, agroindustry, sanitation, agriculture and livestock, nutrition, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, whose challenges are to win customers with innovative products and with great results.

Countries under strategic alliances and negotiation with companies:

Flag Country                      Capital                Population         Territory