Water and Soil Pollution Control Platform by Sugar, Alcohol, Distilleries and Agroindustries Plants

It is used as another ecological impact – with the use of our formulated product and under exclusive order – it is in the control of waste from the production of sugar and alcohol plant, it is common practice to incorporate a large part of the liquid effluents to the vinasse, Bioeconat-ES01 promotes improvement for disposal in the soil through the technique of fertigation with Vinhaça as well as the excellent fermentation of ethanol generated in the sugar and ethanol production 2nd generation process, the product can be used as the water for the washing of floors and equipment, dornas, gas scrubbers, for example.

It is also proven the use of our product with yeast in the application of sugarcane bagasse and straw in which are elements for the production of second generation ethanol, subjected to acid or enzymatic hydrolysis according to the guidance and exclusive prescription by the technicians of Geday do Brasil Internacional, because the cellulose and hemicellulosic fractions are converted into the hexoses and pentoses in the second generation ethanol fermentation, mainly by the action of our yeast strain to Dekkera bruxellensis.