In the use and application in the production of Agriculture

They are used according to the evaluation and identification of the cultivar and adequate prescription on the aggravation of the plant from agronomic point of view, phytopathology, agricultural entomology and epidemiology. The formulation, application and use of the product is done with a field trip by our technicians and, later, a prescription recipe. The product Bioeconat-ES01 also acts as an inoculant in the natural recomposition of the soil corrects the acidity, the imbalance of mineral nutrients and improves the nutrition in the plants, whose damages are caused by the application of herbicides, chemical fertilization and rotation of cultures.

It also makes extensive control or reduction in the fight of phytogenetic pathogens caused by fungi and bacterioses in fruits, leaves, roots and flowering of cultivated plants, ex. in the cultivation of Passionfruit, there is the damping off manifold manifested by the fungi Rhizoctnia, Fusarium and Phytophtora; in the tomato by stenophyllum (Stemphyllium spp.); in diseases of strawberry of economic importance, known as “bacterial stain” – the angular spot caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas fragariae; in the control of Tuppha of pine seedlings in a greenhouse and Root rot by saprophytic soil fungi belonging to the genus Cylindrocladium, Fusarium, Phytophthora, Pythium, and Rhizoctonia; and among other diseases that are characterized by the presence of spots on the leaves, ex. Mela-de-Rizoctonia (Rhizoctonia solani), a disease that attacks the flowering, formation and maturation of fruits known as Murcha-bacteriana.

Bioeconat-ES01 increases the profitability and quality of agricultural production of large crops and organic cultivars, when applied and used in a correct way and indicated by the technicians of Geday do Brasil International, thus producing more income in agricultural production and hortifrutigranjeiros; drastically reduces the use of biochemicals, pesticides or insecticides that contaminate fruits and food, the product does not leave any contaminant residue. Bioeconat-ES01 acts as a curative and preventive action against diseases caused in plants and crops caused by diseases and damages by root and other pathogens: Pseudomonas sp, Rhizotonia sp., Xanthomonas sp, Sclerotium sp., Erwenia sp, Alternaria sp, Phytophthora sp, Pseudospora and Pythium sp.