In the area of Veterinary and Agricultural Health

Using yeasts according to the recipe by the veterinarian or zooctenist for the physical diagnosis, environmental background and animal pathology or damage damage, according to a prescribed recipe, the product also acts in the maintenance of animal health ( horses, oxen, poultry, swine, fish, shrimps, etc.) acts and prevents against various diseases. ex. the control and control of Salmonella spp and E. colli, the diarrhea and coccidioses of the birds and swine, and it makes excellent control in the fight against other pathogens, promotes the disinfection and decontamination of the breeding grounds, environment with total removal of strong bad odors in the stables, plantations, tanks, nurseries of animals and aquatic.

In the rearing of livestock and animals Horses, shrimps, cuttlefish and laying hens.

The Bioeconat-ES01 Input (raw material in animal feed) reduces the mortality rates of animals, controls and prevents their diseases,

Promotes better performance, treatment of flora and food detoxification of intestinal problem of animals,

It drastically reduces the emission of ammonia, methane, nitrogen gas and leaves no residue or bad odors.

Significant decrease of bad odors caused by urine and animal feces and fermented food residues in nurseries, ponds, nurseries or their plantations.

Reduces and eliminates outbreaks of vectors and larvae p. ex. horn flies, stable flies and house flies.

It acts as an additive bio-controlling component of the intestinal flora and acts as a symbiotic agent in the feeding of fish, goats, sheep, horses, cattle, cutting birds and laying hens.

Case Studies treated and proven with documents, video and reports of existing problems that have been resolved p. ex. diarrhea and intestinal pains of food poisoning of trout birds and trout horses infected with food poisoning bacteria and other sources of pathogen-causing diseases such as: Clostridium perfringens, Clostridium boturinum.Vibrio cholerae, Vibro parahaemolyticus.Staphylococcus Aureuse, Escherichia coli. Campylobacter jejuni / coli, Salmonella typhi and Salmonella spp.