In the Environment and Treatment Sectors, Industrial Processing and Public and Private Cleaning

Using yeast Bioeconat-ES01 with the formulation and preparation by Geday do Brasil International, the product acts as an active biorganic accelerator and in environmental depollution in the treatment of waste, in plants in the process of fermentation of organic waste, controls pH of stations or ponds with wastewater or agroindustrial residues such as leachate sewage, slurries, control and reduction of BOD and COD, removes foul odors and the emission of odors in Stations and Sewage Treatment Plants (Estes), controls and eliminates the germs that cause dangerous contamination in the solid waste grid. The product has a strong effective action compared to the base of enzymes with other chemicals when it comes to wastewater treatment, sewage and effluent are highly effective in a few minutes given its application the effects of these results are proven from 30min. or within eight hours or more, depending on the degree of the pollution chain and the state of the environment of the pathogens. It does the digestion of ammonia and amines – as well as decontamination of the receptors, it removes insects or flies detected of these two compounds the product Bioeconat-ES01 does reduction and control of these environmental annoyances or patogenicities.

It can be used in the biological treatment by means of which the organic matter present in the industrial effluents is degraded by these yeasts, every process is carried out in the Effluent Treatment Station (ETE) or Lagoas; because the framework in the legal parameters for disposal in streams or collecting networks becomes more appropriate and easy. The product can be applied according to our unique formulation applied in the areas of the environments of places with wet markets such as fairs that influence in the domestic sewage or organic garbage, cleaning in public toilets parks and squares with disposition in the environment by bad odor of stool or urine, in industrial kitchens, in meatpacking plants or meat processing industries in general, food manufacturing processing plants, fat products, leather manufacturing units, etc.