Performance of Yeasts: Input, Raw Material Yeast Powder Bioeconat-ES01

The imported product is a premix powder of biological yeast based on rice bran, it is an innovative input in South America for food industry, animal feed and application for other multipurpose; the product performs and performs a fermentation and also the digestion of the dead organic matter against the harmful pathogens. It is like a food source that makes conversion of lactic acid, CO2, water and energy, produce new cells, also according to our recipe and guidance digests fetid organic matter and kills other bacteria that produce bacteria-laden sulfurous and nitrogenous odors such as, for example, coliforms (Salmonellas spp. & Escherichia coli), which cause serious illnesses.

Our studies and tests are proven through a unique formulation on demand, that our input is optional to produce also bacteriocins and deadly toxins that kill and control other antagonistic microorganisms, also produces fermentative and digestive enzymes that promotes the renewal of new molecular agents while there is a present and active source of food.