Basis of benefits of using the product: Bioeconat-ES01

The Bioeconat-ES01 product promotes a huge reduction in offensive odors and prevention of many diseases and an equilibrator of the intestinal flora of animals for all types and cultivars of plants, provides a high yield, with savings and monetary savings in consumer spending energy, employees and complex equipment, produce more production and more quality in the harvest of agriculture and livestock, minimize the use and drastic application of pesticides, chemicals, biochemicals. It decreases the pH index, the BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), increases the Biogas; also controls flowering in the control of green and blue algae in Lakes, canals and rivers. Therefore, the effective strategy of the product in the follow-up in the area of ​​public cleaning is excellent, mainly, removal of bad odors of feces and urine in public places, squares, viaducts and etc, and in the area of ​​agroindustrial sewage or effluents. It is necessary and we recommend to always have an adoption of practices of MID (Integrated Management of Diseases or Pests) and a Biosanitary Control, therefore, the option of our product aims to integrate, in a harmonious way, the various tools or tactics already existent to protect the environment environment, plants, animals, health and safety of man with legal decision.