International Trade


Platform of the Business Area in Foreign and Commercial Commerce, Documents, Certifications, Bilateral Agreements, Customs Operating System, Logistics and Transport, Ports, Airports, Highways, Railways, Storage, Monitoring, Resources and General Tracking.

The Geday Group of Brazil International highly values ​​the importance of growth in international trade businesses with a portfolio of documents, certifications, bilateral agreements, transport modalities and the customs system; we promote an incentive and economic advance among potential customers, distributors, investors and suppliers, the nations that are our motivators of globalization with our products, goods or services. Import and export forms the basis of our business and we promote business growth and expansion in the sectors of agriculture, livestock, mining, agro-industry, basic sanitation, engineering, technology and innovation projects and services, etc.


Our team of collaborators works in Special Business Consulting, we work with observations to legal and international dictates, promoting cost reduction, benefits, opportunities for new markets, products, goods and services with training and mastery in all segments of procedures involved with customers , distributors or suppliers; be it technical and operational bureaucracies such as Sanitary and Phytosanitary inspection and documents, customs operating system, custody of goods or products, technologies and innovation, airport windows and etc., especially when facing demanding countries or customers who are potential buyers, collectors , investors or suppliers. We meet the most bureaucratic legal requirements and international acts as well as price elaboration for export and import, tax exemption, classification of goods, international contracts, quarantine or Sanitary and Phytosanitary requirements, market opportunities, marketing and digital service, quotations of products, rare pieces and works of art, auction, innovation and biotechnology, engineering projects, Stock Exchange, Commodity Trading Desk, Taxes, Interest Rates, Currencies and Foreign Exchange, Fixed and variable income, financing, study and analysis of economic viability, legal opinions on export or import barriers, information technology and customs.

he Geday Group of Brazil International is a global leader in multinational sectorial businesses through its platforms of business opportunities with innovative and high quality products, smart goods and services, which guarantee our professional results for demanding customers in all segments of the areas of Business. Our products are safe, inspected by authorities with the ability to have certificates of origin, reliable, high-tech with quality that benefit, and meet the highest demands of customers, who seek solutions for their final consumption, industrial, resale, distribution, research and development or innovative technologies. Our goal for our customers is to obtain productivity gains, reduce costs and promote benefits, quality and reliability with the application and use of our product solutions for multi-sector processes with respect, good personalized service, quality, guarantee and safety.

All of this is a Geday brand that has a strong commitment to ethics and a true business relationship, as we develop international relationships, attending to all multi-sector business processes and commercial agreements for production, service provision, import and export as well as preservation and care for the environment. We comply with all commercial legislation and legal dictates of the national and international health order, in close cooperation with legal authorities and worldwide, we supply and develop innovative products, ingredients, inputs, national and imported materials or functional according to the customer. We have a strong commitment to ethics, competence and transparency to our customers who seek our products, goods or services of high quality, safety, punctuality on time and delivery is our differential in industrialization and commercialization. We have sustainable technologies for tangible and intangible investment assets, we have consultants specialized in project engineering, consultancy or special services according to needs and many other solutions.
For request for purchase or sale order, price quotation information on products, commodities, raw materials, inputs, ingredients for use or application, final consumption, tests, resale, distribution in the agro-industrial area, agriculture, mining, biotechnology, basic sanitation , pharmochemistry, veterinary, biochemistry, medicine, health, transport, logistics, storage, consultation of services or engineering projects in general, purchase and sale of tangible and intangible assets, digital marketing, international investment protocols and agreements, investment plans financial economic recovery, multidisciplinary multisectoral projects and research, economic and financial feasibility studies, reports of opportunities and markets, must be requested through formal consultation by email or purchases and sales with firm documents (PDF file) and signed by the interested party; doubts, information, consultations, suggestions, compliments, criticisms and complaints contact the service channel for your official demands – access Contact Us;

Products, supplies, raw materials for research, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food agro-industries, energy juices, beverages, supplies, drugs, vaccines and medicines in human and animal hospital medicine;
• Products for Agriculture, Livestock, Fish, Aquaculture and Forestry,
• Products and Goods from the Automotive, Aviation, Mining, Shipbuilding and Transport Industries.
• Equipment and Machinery for Heavy Industry, Steel, Mining and Metallurgy.
• Chemical, inorganic, pharmaceutical, veterinary products, raw materials and supplies in general.
• Building materials, general hardware, gardening and landscaping.
• Machines Equipment, Parts and Parts of Electrical Materials, Engines in General, Electronics, Tools, Hydraulics, Solar Panels, Computers, Cables and Networks, Innovation Processes and Technologies, Infrastructure, Ports and Airports, Automotive, Aviation, Maritime, Road and Modal Transport.
• Solar Energy, Fuels, Biofuel, Coal, Biodiesel, Biogas, Biomass and CBIO Decarbonization Credits (RenovaBio).
• Reforestation Products, Seedlings and Plantations, Greenhouse, Wood, Resins, Vegetable Oil, Tree Conservation Plan, Validated Carbon Credit Operations.
• Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting, Industrial, Rural, Public and Urban and Domestic Products and Services.
Natural Inputs, Vitamin Complexes, Proteins, Minerals, Nano Cosmetics, Nano and Micro Encapsulated Active Ingredients.
• Animal Meat Proteins Poultry, Cattle, Pigs, Honey, Milk and Derivatives.
• Articles of Plastics, Polymers, Rubber, Leather, Cellulose, Pulp, Coils, Paper and related artifacts.