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We would like to inform you that, for good service, agility and avoid fraud and unauthorized persons (paper workers) in relation to your official quotation request or requests for new products or services, forward (attach) a consultation document or a firm request in the format in PDF card, for our company an email with details what you want with all the procedures of your product or service request is request for quotation, purchase or sale, this document must be dated, signed and with the identification data of the buyer or interested supplier or authorized representative (proxy), you must attach a copy of the cover letter and copy of the passport or identity of the issuer to our analysis and approval of Purchases and Sales of our Compliance Audit …

Send the documents to the following electronic address only the corporate of our company: [email protected], for approval of the request with the Department of Analysis of Financial Registration, Planning and Logistics of Purchase and Sale. In relation to external demands, mention the reference of the appropriate import license of the product or the due legal authorization of the country of origin of the Customs Control. As for the guarantees for the opening of letter of credit BG, RWA, Swifts-MTs, SBLC and etc., do not issue anything until the approval process of the customer’s registration is completed, the purchase of products or services these instruments are dealt with in another step, for the commission and official offer will follow a FCO valid for three days accompanied by the NCNDA & IMPFA, for approval of the client and its accepted by the FCO that, thereafter will be issued a document of the SPA and Invitation Letter to the buyer to make visit and inspection of the purchase or sale of your product and production (ordering) of the products or services; thank you.

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