Using the product the fermented bran ingredient with the yeast according to the damage and damage through the local visit by the Geday do Brasil International technicians, in the application as food, to treat and maintain the good quality of the water makes the prevention of diseases of the poultry, swine, fish, shrimp and etc. will get a good harvest; the product Bioeconat-ES01 is also an active additive of the Bioestimulador additive controlling the flora + Pro-biotics, which are used in food, ex. in the use of Poultry and Poultry, with the application and use in Clean Water increases yield and improves Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) – feed conversion; the product also performs hygienization in nets, nurseries, farms, farms, nurseries, pathogenic infection of aquatic animals and improves the environment and is not toxic to workers.

It acts as an agent of quality improvement in the development and faster growth of fish, shrimp and controls diseases and phytoplankton. It conserves the quality of the water and promotes its improvement (renovation), referring to the water quality of the pond or breeding tank. Under technical evaluation with adequate monitoring can use the product also to control food efficiency, reduces mortality due to problems of water quality and diseases with fish retention in nurseries until undergoing the off-flavor condition; which occur most frequently in intensive nursery crops, recirculation tanks and raceways, due to the greater contribution according to the nutrient load (via feed and fertilizer residues) and organic material may present bad taste in the fish meat and presence of bad odors. The product stabilizes the pH of the water in tanks / nurseries, controls the excess of blue green algae especially Oscillatoria, Microcystis, Noctiluca, promotes the construction of phytoplankton and zooplankton during the use process, helps to prepare the bottom of the pond, makes decreases and promotes the death of pathogens.